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twenty-something ethnomusicology grad student in london. i love what i do and love who i do it with.

my studies center on music in cultural contexts, specifically in the regions of south and east asia and in the areas of education, gender, diaspora, identity, and conflict.

i love: music . running . photography . academia . coffee & tea . gf desserts . nutrition . kayagum . fashion . carnatic music/musicology . raw foods .

my korean blog can be found @

none of these pictures have been taken by me unless specifically stated with the hashtag #my photos. I found most of them on some lovely pages and I don´t claim the rights for them.

Before 30 Goals

I’m 28 - I have almost 2 years… so what do I want to do with my time?
(I originally titled this 30 Before 30, but realized that I didn’t want to fill my list with 24 pieces of fluff!)

  1. Run a marathon
  2. Get my half marathon time down to a speedy 1:45!
  3. Continue to teach at The Park School - and love it.
  4. Noticeably improve at playing piano
  5. Make our apartment feel like a home
  6. Get a dog!
  7. Try SUP (Standup Paddleboard) yoga
  8. Exercise every day
— 4 months ago
September-October 2013 Ambitions
  • Teach to the very best of my ability
  • Begin Korean School again, review past lessons
  • Contact MUSE and begin working with MUSE on the Temiar music project
  • Write an article for Korean Quarterly
  • Keep up with my Half Marathon schedule
  • Begin making a scrapbook.  Korea?  London?  Wedding? 
  • Better organize our apartment/create a “Home Office”
  • Better organize our kitchen
  • Buy new running shoes; be choosier in my selection than I’ve been in the past

I’m being overly ambitious here and I know it, but a girl can dream, right? 

EDIT:  May 2014 review of goals led to crossing out more accomplished ambitions that I’d expected!

— 1 year ago
"Expect 20% of your training sessions to be “duds”. Off days. Days where your strength just “isn’t right”. Don’t let it rattle you when it happens because it’s normal. Go home, eat, rest and sleep well, and come back the next time with a determined attitude."
— 1 year ago with 1294 notes

I cooked:

Salmon in butter and lemon juice

Mixed greens with onion, tomato, cucumber, and crumbly bleu

Broccoli with onions and garlic in oil

White (sticky) rice


Fresh strawberries and raspberries with light whipped cream

Black tea with soy milk

Will definitely make this meal again.

— 1 year ago

i just created an itunes playlist called ‘an homage to our youth.’  better go off your ssris before listening to this.

— 1 year ago

gastroparesis is getting out of control again.  i’ve been putting off going back on a liquids-only diet for a while now.  kind of dreading it.  should really start tomorrow.  or a month ago. 

— 1 year ago